A Descriptive catalogue of butteflies on display and in reserve collection at RMNH, Mysore

 The Regional Museum of Natural history, Siddartha nagara, Mysore is the Southern regional centre of the National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi. This is a subordinate establishment of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. 

    This institute is aimed to generate, conservation awareness among the public that too children through non –formal, environmental education activities, by using the museum and museum exhibits. As part of the highly determined intention, the RMNH Mysore was established and opened to public in the year 1995.

    The museum houses a preliminary gallery on biodiversity of Indian sub continent, this, exhibition gives outlines of the floral and faunal richness of the region presented with an exhibit on butterflies too. This compact display of butterflies houses 35 specimens of butterflies belonging to 3 families and 21 genuses respectively.   

     This descriptive catalogue describes the butterflies with their generic name, family and. [Information on collector, supplier –source wherever available, place of collection also supplemented]

PART I: Butterflies on display in the biodiversity Gallery

1.    Graphium antiphates [Crammer], Five bar swordtail

    Source: - Mathew .G.  KFRI, Karimala, Kerala. Legend: - SMETACEK 

2.    Graphium doson [C. & R.Felder], Common Jay

    Source: - Mathew. G. 16.03.1992, Kariyan Shola, Topslip. Legend: - SMETACEK 

3.    Graphium euryphylus [Linnaeus],  Great jay

    Source:-Karimala [collector XXXXX]

4.    Graphium sarpedon,  Common blue Bottle

5.    Papilio demoleus Linnaeus,  Lime butterfly

6.    Papilio helenus Linnaeus,  Red Helen 

7.    Papilio polytes [Linnaeus], Common Mormon

8.    Papilio polymnestor Crammer, Blue Mormon

    Source: G. Mathew, KFRI, 14.08.1984.SMETACEK

9.    Troides monos [Crammer], Southern Birdwing  

    Source: G. Mathew, March 1995

10.  Agryreus hyperbius [Linnaeus] , Indian fritillary  

11.  Cirrchroa thais [Fabricius], Tamil Yeoman

Source: - G.Mathew, KFRI, Place of collection: - Solle kolli, 400 m, Kodagu, 02.03.1992. SMETACEK

12.  Cyrestis thyodomas   Biosduval, Common map

13.  Danus chrysippus [Linnaeus], Plain Tiger  

Source:- 14.04.1992. Bhimtal / Kumov.  1200 m, NW Himalaya. SMETACEK 

14.  Danus genutia [Crame],  Striped tiger   

15.  Euthalia sahadeva [Moore] Green duke 

16.  Euploea core [Cramer]  Common Crow  

17.  Euploea sylvester [Fabricius] Double branded Crow

18.  Euploea mulcibar [Cramer] Striped blue crow

19.  Hypolimnus bolina [Linnaeus]  Great egg fly 

20.  Hypolimnus misippus Linnaeus, Danaid Eggfly 

21.  Idea malabarica [Moore] Malabar tree nymph

22.  Issoria lathonia [Linnaeus]  Queen of Spain fritillary

    Source: - 09.04.1982. Nainital, Uttar Pradesh 

23.  Junonia almana [Linnaeus] Peacock pansy. 

    Source: - 11.12.1992. Kotagiri

24.  Junonia orithiya [Linnaeus] Blue pansy 

    Source:    18.04.1992.   Bhimtal/Kumov. 1200 m. NW Himalaya  

25.  Kallima albofasciata Moore White Oak leaf.

    In Indian subcontinent, it is in Andaman Islands, an erratic, rapid flier. A less Known butterfly

26.  Neptis hylas [Linnaeus]  Common sailer 

    Source: - G. Mathew. On wings,    KFRI, March 1992, Silent Valley.

27.  Neptis jumbah Moore Chestnut –streaked sailer

28.  Parantica aglea [Stoll] Glassy tiger

29.  Parantica agleoides [C. &R.Felder] Dark glossy tiger

30.  Parasarpa dudu [Doubleday] White commodore

31.  Parthenos Sylvia [Cramer] Clipper

    Source: G. Mathew, KFRI, Sollekolli, 400 m, SMETACEK    

32.  Sephisa Chandra [Moore] Eastren Courtier

33.  Appias albina [Boisduval]  Common albatross  

    Source: - G. Mathew, 15.11.1994, Silent valley  

34.  Colias erate [Esper] Pale clouded yellow

    Source: - G.Mathew, 19.03.1992, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.   

35.  Eurema hecabe [Linnaeus], Common grass yellow 


PART II:  Butterflies in Reserve Collection


36.  Papilio demoleus Linnaeus  Lime butterfly 

    Source: - P.Ray RMNH MYS, Chrysalis collected on 28.10.1996. Emergence: On 13.11.1996.

37.  Papilio demoleus Linnaeus  Lime butterfly 

    Source: P.Ray RMNH MYS. Chrysalis collected on 31.10.1996. Emergence: On 12.11.1996

38.  Graphium agamemnon LinnaeusTailed Jay

39.  Danus genutia [Cramer]  Striped Tiger

    Source:P.Ray 30.01.1996, RMNH MYSORE

40.  Scientific name: - Danus genutia [Cramer]  Striped Tiger

    Source: - P.Ray 15.04.1996, RMNH MYSORE

41.  Danaus genutia [Cramer] Striped Tiger

    Source: P.Ray, RMNH MYSORE

42.  Tirumala limniace [Cramer] Blue Tiger  

43.  Parantica aglea [Stoll] Glassy Tiger

    Source: G. Mathew, on wing, March 1992, Silent valley

44.  Orinoma damaris Gray  Tiger brown

45.  Euripus nyctelius [Doubleday] Courtesan [Male]

46.  Hestina persimilis [Westwood] Siren  

47.  Pareronia valeria [Cramer] Common wanderer [Female]

48.  Aporia agathan [Gray] Great Blackvein

49.  Hypolimnus bolina [Linnaeus] Great egg fly

    Source: P.Ray RMNH MYSORE, 30.10.1996, MYSORE

50.  Danaus Chrysippus [Linnaeus] Plain Tiger

    Source: - [Sl No 3] P .Ray, RMNH, MYSORE.30.10.1996. On Calendula plant

51.  Hypolimnus misippus [Linnaeus] Danaid eggfly ♂ 

    Source P.Ray, RMNH, MYSORE 

52.  Hypolimnus misippus [Linnaeus] Danaid eggfly ♀

    Source: - Karanji kere, 05.08.1996. P Ray RMNH, MYSORE

53.  Danaus Chrysippus [Linnaeus] Plain tiger

    Source: - [Sl.No 1-5] P.Ray, RMNH, MYSORE.   

54.  Catopsilia pyranthe ♂ [Linnaeus]  Molted emigrant

55.  Catopsilia pyranthe ♂ [Linnaeus]  Molted emigrant

    Source: - P.Ray, RMNH, MYSORE, 20.10.1996.

56.  Catopsilia pyranthe ♂ [Linnaeus]  Molted emigrant

    Source: P.Ray, 30.10.1996, on Lantana camara RMNH garden MYSORE

57.  Euploea core [Cramer] Common crow

    Source: - Collector P.Ray RMNH, MYSORE. [Sl .No.4] Chrysalis collected on 28.10.1996, emergence on 06.11.1996, P Ray. RMNH, MYSORE  

58.  Euploes sylvester [Fabricius] Double branded crow

    Source: - [Sl.No 5] Sollekolli, Kodagu, Karnataka, 4oo m, 05 .11.1992. SMETACEK

59.  Pareronia valeria [Cramer] Common wanderer

    Source: - P.Ray, RMNH, MYSORE, 02.11.1995

60.  Delias eucharis [Drury] Common Jezebel 

61.  Leptosia nina [Fabricius] Psyche 

62.  Junonia lemonias [Linnaeus] Lemon Pansy

    Source: - P.Ray, 18.08.1997. RMNH, MYSORE

63.  Junonia orithiya Blue pansy

64.  Junonia almana [Linnaeus] Peacock pansy  

65.  Junonia hierta Yellow pansy

    Source; G. Mathew, March 1992, Silent valley

66.  Junonia hierta Yellow pansy

67.  Colias nilagiriensis C. & R. Felder Nilgiri clouded yellow

    Source:- P.Ray, 02.11.1995, RMNH, MYSORE 

68.  Eurema brigitta [Cramer] Small grass yellow

    Source:- 30.08.1988. Bhimtal/ Kumov, NW Himalaya, 1500m, India SMETACEK

69.  Eurema latea [Boisduval] Spotless grass yellow

    Source:-[Sl.No. 4] 08.05.1992, Bhimtal/ Kumov, NW Himalaya, 1500m, India SMETACEK

    G. Mathew, 1995, G.Mathew, March 1988, on wing, silent valley, Kerala  

70.  Papilio polytes Linnaeus  Common Morman 

    Source: - [Female form – Romulus] G. Mathew, KFRI, 1995,[Sl.No.3] on wing, silent valley -1992 [ Form –Stichius]

71.  Pachliopta aristolochiae [Fabricius] Common rose

72.  Pachliopta hector Linnaeus   Crimson Rose  

    Source: - G.Mathew, KFRI – 1995,    on wing, March 1992, Silent valley.

  P.Ray, RMNH, Mysore, Pupation took place, Chrysalis adhering Acacia stem on 05.11.1995. Emergence on 22.11.1995, 14-20 Hrs

73.  Papilio polytes Linnaeus  Common Morman 

74.  Mycalesis Perseus [Fabricius] common bush brown  

75.  Euthalia aconthea [Cramer]  Common Baron 

    Source: - P.Ray, 31.07.1995. RMNH, MYSORE 

76.  Phalanta phalantha, common Leopard  

    Source: - G. Mathew, 1995, KFRI, on wing, Silent valley march 1992

77.  Argyreus hyperbius [Linnaeus] Indian fritillary 

    Source: - Bhimtal/ Kumov 20.09.1992. 1500 m, NW Himalaya, India SMETACEK    

78.  Curetis siva Evans  Shiva’s Sunbeam. 

    Source:  Solle Kolli, Kodagu, Karnataka, 400 m, 05.03.1992, SMETACEK  

79.  Neptis sankara [Kollar] Broad branded Sailer

    Source: - Bhimtal/ Kumov, 1500 m, NW Himalaya, 08.04.1992, SMETACEK   

80.  Neptis hylas [Linnaeus] Common Sailer

    Source: G. Mathew 1995 

81.  Neptis miah Moore Small yellow Sailer

    Source: - 02.06.1992. Bhimtal/ Kumov, NW Himalaya 

82.  Tirumala septentrionis [Butler] Dark blue Tiger.

    Source:- Sollekolli, Kodagu, Karnataka, 03, 03, 1992, SMETACEK. 

83.  Parantica nilgiriensis Nilgiri Tiger

    Source:- Longwood, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, 2000 m , 10.03.1992, SMETACEK

84.  Colias fieldii  Menetries  Dark clouded yellow

    Source:- Khifon, Garwal, Uttar Pradesh, 3600 m, 24.08.1992. SMETACEK

85.  Cupha erymanthis [Drury] Rustic 

    Source; Sollekolli, Kodagu, 400 m, Karnataka.03.03.1992 SMETACEK  

86.  Udaspes folus [Cramer]  Grass Demon  

    Source: - P.Ray, 14.08.1995, RMNH, MYSORE

87.  Bibasis gomata [Moore] Palegreen Awlet 

    Source: - P.Ray, 12.12.1996, RMNH, MYSORE   

88.  Junonia atlites Linnaeus   Grey pansy

    Source: -  P.Ray, 12.04.1997, RMNH, MYSORE

89.  Cyrestic coles [Fabricius] Marbled map  

     Source: - 06.06.1992  

    No. 67 & 87 butterflies ; Though they are mainly resticted to westren ghats , there are scanty population some times accidentaly occurs in the neibourhood also. Dr Ray has explained & confirmed this appearance as very rare instance of overlapping habitat and possible chance of happening. 

(Mr. S J Srinivasa is a sculptor by profession, but by passion he is an amateur naturalist. He works with Regional Museum of Natural History, Mysore)

05th June 2011