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Dear Mysore Nature website user, since a large number of people, are subscribing to the website we won't be able to send individual emails as before (due to the daily email limitations of Google). Henceforth, all the updates will be emailed to the Mysore nature google group. If you are still interested in receiving the updates please sign up here.

Although we have a Facebook group with nearly 9000 members, not everyone on Facebook is really interested in birding, nature walk, or technical report updates. Hence we have created this email group which plans to update and keeps in loop the really interested naturalists. If you face any problems signing up, please contact us.

Note 1: You need to be logged into your Gmail account in order to sign up for the group. If you have trouble signing up then check this blog by Google on how to sign up. Please look for 'Mysore nature' in the Groups search.

Note 2: Some users have complained about not receiving any emails. If you are facing the same problem, then 1) You have most probably not joined the group properly. You can verify this by checking if your name is on the group members list here. If you haven't signed up then you will see this message - "You do not have permission to view the members of this group." If so, sign up again- check 'Note 1' above.

2) If your name is there on the list then maybe you have unsubscribed all emails from the group in your Gmail settings. Please check how to subscribe to group emails here (Check section - 'Change your settings and display name').

If you are still not receiving your mail then just contact us :)