Winter Bird Monitoring Program (2020-21)


SINGLE-DAY MID-WINTER BIRD CENSUS -10/01/2021: As in the previous years, we will go for a single day bird census on 10/01/2021. Please keep a day free for this season's bird census.

    • It is not a competition; observe the birds in the field for its proper identification, activity and it will fine-tune our birding skills.

    • Intimate in advance the route planned (Refer Excel sheet marked), so that other interested birders can join the team or others can take a different route. Try to have minimum TWO MEMBERS for any unknown eventuality. Try to cover mainly 3 or 4 highlighted locations thoroughly, other locations can be covered only if time permits

    • Scribble on a piece of paper OR enter it in excel OR use ‘e-bird’ before forgotten. Post the link on facebook/ mysorenature or the data filled form/Excel sheet for data compilation.

    • In case eBird is made use, share with MMCBCG (User name, for easy compilation) and in comments section add 'AWC 2021'.

    • Share your interest with your friends, especially students from life science and introduce them to field study.

    • Previous years data can be seen at

    • Due to copious rain in major dams catchment area, all the irrigation tanks are full and overflowing with least waterbirds…so it’s challenging to find birds!

    • Don’t forget that we are in COVID-19 CRISIS, take necessary care