Fig Trees in RMNH Campus, Mysore

Documentation and sketches: Sri SJ Srinivasa, RMNH, Mysore

The Regional Museum of Natural History is located on the northern bank of Karanji Nature Park at Mysore and expansive over 5.23 acres along the foot hill of Chamundi. With the objective to generate nature responsiveness through non formal education this institute is maintaining a garden with all probable efforts. As the first step to attract numerous insects followed by insectivorous and frugivorous birds, varieties of flower and fruit yielding plants were planted. These plants through out the year afford food and sanctuary for the birds and other life forms.

This garden houses varieties of plants belong to Moraceae family. Among them one such diversity is figs along with Morus alba, the Mulberry and Artocarpus heterophyllus- the Jack fruit in addition. Interestingly all these plants were planted as saplings and are aged about 18 years. There are 12 species of Ficus plants including a creeping variety (Ficus pumila) in the garden.

Each tree has its own wild visitors, throughout the day and night. During day birds -Barbets, Mynas, Parakeets, Grey hornbill, Bee eaters, Paradise & Fantail Flycatchers, Tits, Lesser golden backed wood pecker and rarely Peafowls; animals- Bonnet Monkey and Three Striped Squirrels usually visit. As night falls, Fruit eating Bats followed by Pipestrils, Wild Cat, Palm Civets and Bandicoots visit the trees and their premises. Depending on season numerous insects and arachnidan varieties visit these Ficus varieties.

Ficus amplissima

Common name: - Bili Basari mara

Habit: - Large trees

Flowering Season: - April to October

Usage: - Fodder/ Shade

Ficus auriculata Lour

Common name: - Elephant ear fig,

Flowering Season: - March to June

Ficus benghalensis L.

Common name: - Aalada mara, banyan tree

Habit: - Large tree

Flowering Season: - March to June

Usage: - Shade / Fodder

Ficus benjamina L.var benjamina

Common name: - Jawa fig, Java atti mara

Habit: - Large trees with erect patent branches

Flowering Season: - April to July

Usage: - Ornamental / Shade

Ficus drupacea var pubescens

Common name: - Goli mara, Goni mara

Habit: - Large deciduous trees

Flowering Season:- Jan -May

Usage: - Shade / Fodder

Ficus elastica

Common name: - India rubber

Habit: - Tree

Flowering Season:- March to June

Usage: - Ornamental

Ficus krishnae

Common name: - Krishna’s buttercup, Benne battalu gida.

Habit: - Small tree

Flowering Season: - March to June

Usage: - Ornamental

Ficus pumila

Common name: - Balli Aala.

Flowering Season: - March to June

Ficus racemosa L.

Common name: - Oudumbara, attimara

Habit: - Large tree

Flowering Season:- Feb- October

Usage: - Shade/ Medicinal/ fodder/Tree worship

Ficus religiosa L.

Common name: - Arali mara, Ashwattha, Peepul tree

Habit:- Large deciduous tree

Flowering Season: - March to July

Usage: - Tree worship/ shade/ Fodder

Ficus tinctoria Forst. (Syn. Ficus gibbosa)

Common name: - Kalbsarimara

Flowering Season: - March to June

Ficus tsjahela Burm.

Common name: - Kari Basari mara

Flowering Season: - March to June

Usage: - Avenue tree /fodder


* Have been removed recently due to some civil work/ maintenance, otherwise the rest of the species are maintained. (2001-12)


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