Flora of Mysore's Oldest Parks

An attempt is made to enlist the plants in Mysore’s oldest parks during the period 2008-2009. Parks chosen for the documentation are oldest ones, existing since half a century. Parks vegetation that are documented are from-Curzon Park, Peoples Park, Govt. Guest House Park, Dr Raj Park, Dr Vishnu Park, Kuppanna Garden, Cheluvamba Park, and Nazarbad Park.

Before going right ahead to the list of vegetation, we owe a thanks to then Maharaja of Mysore, who had appealed to make Mysore a garden city.

Speech at the inaugural Flower show, Mysore on 15th August 1914 by Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has given me great pleasure to listen to Mr Krumbiegel address and I hope that many of you will be impressed by the eloquent appeal which he has made to your to cultivate the hobby of of gardening. I feel sure that Mr Krumbiegel enthusiasm and artistic taste will make our Mysore Flower Shows as beautiful and attractive as those which he arranges at Lalbagh in Bangalore.

The Flower show which I am opening now is the first of its kind that has been held in the City of Mysore and I hope that it will become regular institution. No one who knows cities of Bangalore and Mysore can help noticing the great dearth of gardens in Mysore and there is no really reason for such a state of things. The soil and the rainfall of two places are very similar and I can only hope that the institution of this flower show will encourage house-owners here to beautify their homes by cultivating private gardens. It is a regrettable fact that not a single English vegetable is to be purchased in the market here, whereas in Bangalore a large number of people make a regular profit by the cultivation and the sale of vegetation. I appeal to the people of this city to try and emulate Bangalore and to convert Mysore into a garden city.

Now I declare this show to be open.

Courtesy of source: Dr MB Krishna, Bengaluru


Fig: Dr Raj park view

Fig: Nazarbad park view

Fig: Govt. house park view

Fig: Amoora rohituca

Fig: Calophyllum inophyllum

Fig: Colvillea recemosa

Fig: Guazuma ulmifolia

Fig: Magnolia liliifera

Fig: Porana paniculata

Fig: Saraca indica

Fig: Bombax ceiba

Fig: Cerbera odollam

Fig: Dracaena spp

Fig: Minosops elengi

Fig: Parmentiara cereifera

Fig: Zephyranthes citrina

Fig: Caesalpinia coriaria

Fig: Calliandra haematocephala 'alba'

Fig: Jatropha pandurifolia

Fig: Piscidia piscipula

Fig: Pterospermum acerifolium

Fig: Tecomaria capensis


1. Acacia nilotica (Family: Mimosaceae)

2. Albizia lebeck (Family: Mimosaceae)

3. Aleurite moluccane (Family: Euphorbiaceae)

4. Alstonia scholoris (Family: Apocynaceae)

5. Amoora rohituca (Family: Meliaceae)

6. Annona muricata (Family: Annonaceae)

7. Araucaria cook (Family: Araucariaceae)

8. Artcocarpus heterophyllus (Family: Moraceae)

9. Artocarpus insigne (Family: Moraceae)

10. Azadirachta indica (Family: Meliaceae)

11. Bauhinia purpurea (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

12. Bixa orellana (Family: Bixaceae)

13. Bombax ceiba (Family:Bombacaceae)

14. Butea monosperma (Family: Fabaceae)

15. Caesalpinia coriaria (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

16. Caesalpinia decapetala (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

17. Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

18. Calliandra haematocephala 'alba' (Family: Mimosaceae)

19. Callinadra schuttzeri (Family: Mimosaceae)

20. Callistemon citrinus (Family: Myrtaceae)

21. Calophyllum inophyllum (Family: Guttiferae)

22. Cascabella thevetia Syn. Thevetia peruviana (Family: Apocynanceae)

23. Cassia fistula (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

24. Cassia siamea (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

25. Cassia spectabilis (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

26. Casuarina equisetifolia (Family: Casuarinaceae)

27. Ceiba pentandra (Family: Malvaceae)

28. Cerbera odollam (Family: Apocynaceae)

29. Chrysophyllum spp (Family: Sapotaceae)

30. Citharexylum spinosum (Family: Verbenaceae)

31. Colvillea reacemosa (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

32. Cordia dichotoma (Family:Ehretiaceae)

33. Couroupita guianensis (Family: Lecythiadaceae)

34. Cycas revolute (Gymnosperm) (Family: Cycadaceae)

35. Dalbergia sissoo (Family: Fabaceae)

36. Delinix regia (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

37. Delonix regia (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

38. Dendrocalamus strictus (Family: Poaceae)

39. Dolichandrone platycalyx (Family:Bignoniaceae)

40. Eucalyptus teriticornis (Family:Myrtaceae)

41. Ficus elastic (Family:Moraceae)

42. Ficus glomerata (Family:Moraceae)

43. Ficus microcarpa (Family:Moraceae)

44. Ficus mysorensis (Family:Moraceae)

45. Ficus religiosa (Family:Moraceae)

46. Ficus retusa (Family:Moraceae)

47. Ficus tsiela (Family:Moraceae)

48. Filicium decupieus (Family:Balsaminaceae)

49. Gliricidia sepium (Family:Fabaceae)

50. Grevillea robusta (Family:Proteaceae)

51. Guazuma ulmifolia (Family:Sterculiaceae)

52. Holoptelea integrifolia (Family:Ulmaceae)

53. Jacaranda acutifolia Syn. J.mimosifolia (Family:Bignoniaceae)

54. Kigelia Africana Syn. K. pinnata (Family:Bignoniaceae)

55. Kleinhovia hospita (Family: Malvaceae)

56. Lagerstroemia speciosa (Family:Lythraceae)

57. Mangifera indica (Family: Anacardiaceae)

58. Manikara zapota (Family: Sapotaceae)

59. Markhamia platycalyx (Family:Bignoniaceae)

60. Michelia champaca (Family:Magnoliaceae)

61. Millettia peguensis Syn M.ovalifolia (Family: Fabaceae)

62. Millingtonia hortensis (Family: Bignoniaceae)

63. Minosops elengi (Family: Ebenaceae)

64. Ochna squarosa (Family: Ochnaceae)

65. Parmentiara cereifera (Family: Bignoniaceae)

66. Peltophorum pterocarpum Syn. P. ferrugineum (Family: Casesalpiniaceae)

67. Piscidia piscipula (Family: Fabaceae)

68. Pithecellobium dulce (Family: Mimosaceae)

69. Plumeria rubra (Family:Apocynaceae)

70. Polyalthia longifolia (Family:Annonaceae)

71. Pongamia pinnata (Family: Fabaceae)

72. Porana paniculata (Family: Convolvulaceae)

73. Pterygota alata (Family: Sterculiaceae)

74. Pterospermum acerifolium (Family:Sterculiaceae)

75. Ravenala madagascariensis (Family: Strelitziaceae)

76. Roystonea regia (Family: Arecaceae)

77. Samanea saman (Family:Mimosaceae)

78. Saraca cauliflora (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

79. Saraca asoca Syn. S.indica (Family: Caesalpiniaceae)

80. Spathodea campanulata (Family:Bignoniaceae)

81. Swietania macrophylla (Family: Meliaceae)

82. Syzegium cumini (Family: Myrtaceae)

83. Tabebuia impatiginosa (Family: Bignoniaceae)

84. Tabebuia argentea (Family:Bignoniaceae)

85. Tabebuia rosea (Family:Bignoniaceae)

86. Tamarindus indica (Family:Caesalpiniaceae)

87. Tebebuia pentaphylla (Family: Bignoniaceae)

88. Terminalia catapa (Family: Combretaceae)

89. Terminalia arjuna (Family: Combretaceae)

90. Thespesia populnea (Family: Malvaceae)

91. Tecomella undulata (Family: Bignoniaceae)

92. Zamia spp (Gymnosperm) (Family: Zamiaceae)


1. Adiantum (Fern) (Family: Pteridaceae)

2. Allamanda blanchetii (Family: Apocynaceae)

3. Alpinia purpurata (Family: Zingiberaceae)

4. Anthurium andraeanum (Family: Araceae)

5. Antigonum leptopus (Family: Polygonaceae)

6. Aptenia cordifolia (Family: Aizoaceae)

7. Aster variety (Family: Asteraceae)

8. Billbergia variety (Family: Bromeliaceae)

9. Brownea variety (Family: Fabaceae)

10. Brunfelsia Americana (Family: Solanaceae)

11. Canna variety (Family: Cannaceae)

12. Cassia biflora (Family: Fabaceae)

13. Celosia aregentia var cristata (Family: Amaranthaceae)

14. Coccinia grandis (Family: Cucurbitaceae)

15. Cordyline spp. (Family: Asparagaceae)

16. Costus speciousus (Family: Costaceae)

17. Croton variety (Family: Euphorbiaceae)

18. Cuphea hyssopifolia (Family: Lythraceae)

19. Dahlia coccinea (Family: Asteraceae)

20. Dracaena spp (Family: Asparagaceae)

21. Drynaria (Fern) (Family: Polypolidiaceae)

22. Fuchsia spp (Family: Onagraceae)

23. Galphimia glauca (Family: Malpighiaceae)

24. Hibiscus varieties (Family: Malvaceae)

25. Hydrangea macrophylla (Family: Hydrangeaceae)

26. Impatiens spp. (Family: Balsaminaceae)

27. Ipomoea variety. (Family: Convolvulaceae)

28. Ipomoea hederifolia (Family: Convolvulaceae)

29. Ixora chinensis (Family: Rubiaceae)

30. Ixora coccinea (Family: Rubiaceae)

31. Jacquemontia pentanthos (Family: Convolvulaceae)

32. Jatropha integerrima (Family: Euphorbiaceae)

33. Jatropha pandurifolia (Family: Euphorbiaceae)

34. Magnolia liliifera (Family:Magnoliaceae)

35. Muehlenbeckia spp (Family: Polygonaceae)

36. Mussaenda philippica (Family: Rubiaceae)

37. Nymphaea pubescens (Family: Nymphaeaceae)

38. Pelargonium spp (Family: Geraniaceae)

39. Pentas lanceolata (Family: Rubiaceae)

40. Plumbago auriculata (Family: Plumbaginaceae)

41. Porana paniculata (Family: Convolvulaceae)

42. Rivina humilis (Family: Phytolaccaceae)

43. Rondeletia odorata (Family: Rubiaceae)

44. Russelia equisetiformis (Family: Plantaginanceae)

45. Sida acuta (Family: Malvaceae)

46. Tecomaria capensis (Family: Bignoniaceae)

47. Turnera spp. (Family: Turneraceae)

48. Wedelia trilobata (Family: Asteraceae)

49. Zephyranthes citrina (Family: Amaryllis)


Author: Sadananda KB