Winter Bird Monitoring Program (2015-16)

Last season (2014-15), Winter Bird Monitoring Program was conducted during the four months period [Nov 2014 – Feb 2015]. Totally, 125 locations were monitored, generating 188 checklists. Bird watchers travelled to various sectors mentioned below and recorded 253 species (228 in 201-14). During the survey, the following birds were recorded for the first time - Tytler's Leaf-Warbler by AAPC & Srilatha, Bristled Grassbird by VLR, MS & SB, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo by VLR, MS & SB.

This time, it is proposed to collect the data over three months in all the routes planned, from first week of December 2014 till the end of February 2015. Reserve a week or two for third edition ofMysore City Bird Atlas.

I. How to go ahead with bird monitoring?

    • Minimum birding period is half an hour in one location.
    • It is not competition; observe the bird in the field for its proper identification, activity and we will fine tune our birding skills.
    • Intimate in advance the route planned, so that other interested birders can join the team or other team can take a different route. The intention is, each team shall cover maximum routes and avoid repetitions.
    • Please enter the data in “e-bird” website in your name as soon as you are back from day long birding trip. Post the link in facebook/mysorenature or the data filled form for data compilation.
    • Share your interest with your friends, especially students from life science and introduce them to field study.
    • 17th January 2016, Sunday: maximum number of teams will take different routes to ‘record’ maximum number of bird species in a single day. An experimental survey on 12/01/2014 yielded 134species by 11 teams.

All the best!

II. Locations and Route details: