Lapwings in Mysore University Campus

Post date: Jul 28, 2014 4:21:59 PM

Pic: Yellow-wattled Lapwing (PC: MK Vishwanath)

During 1976, sprawling campus of Mysore University campus situated at the outskirts of Mysore city was mosaic of grass land, water-body and woodland. We used to observe varieties of birds, butterflies and vegetation within the campus itself. In the month of May 1976, the grasslands spread around open-auditorium were accommodating many breeding Lapwings (Yellow & Red-wattled). Now this area is a wood-land surrounded on all sides by buildings with hardly any Lapwings. Notes recorded during that period are re-produced here to show how change in habitat affects the dependent species diversity

Pic: Notes on Lapwings 1976

Author: KB Sadananda