Pilot Whales in Mysore!

Post date: Apr 10, 2016 5:44:18 AM

The second and third week of January this year [2016] the south east coast of Tamil Nadu had turn into the centre of hyper curiosity and engrossed with Biologists and naturalists rushing in. Scores of Pilot Whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) washed ashore and stranded on the shore line between Thiruchendore-Kulashekara pattinam - Manappad beach, which is close to to the Cape of Kanyakumari. Though every effort was made to put back the whales into seawaters, ended with little success.

The dead animals were buried after careful post-mortem and examination to ascertain the cause of this phenomenon, as per the directives of Government of India.

After a span of 2 months, Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu permitted Regional Museum of Natural History, Siddhartha Nagara, Mysore to collect the skeletal remains of a Pilot Whale for education purpose and exhibit at the museum.

This writer was a member of collection group, had an opportunity to visit and take part in collection of the vestiges. At present the skeletal remains are under process for articulation of the skeleton, which will be put on put on show soon at RMNH, Mysore.

(S.J.Srinivasa, M/EP, Regional Museum of Natural History, Siddhartha Nagara, Mysore-570011)

*Photo credit: Internet and SJS