Malleshwara Gudda - Vadavina Katte Nature Walk

When: SATURDAY, 14 May 2022 (Travelling distance return includes, around 50 Km)

Where: Malleshwara Gudda - Vadavina Katte, Mysore District

Habitat: Open Grass & Scrub Fields, Waterbody

How long: 07.00 – 13.00 AM

Note & Tips: Take necessary protection against COVID. The program is open to all, people of any age or experience level provided it is possible to climb /stroll/walk for about 5 hours. Carry sufficient water and snacks for individual requirements.

Assembly point: Those who know the route can come directly to Malleshwara Gudda foothill. Otherwise assemble at Parasaiyyana Hundi (Mysore Ring Road -HD Kote junction), starting exactly at 6.00 AM. (Co-ordinates: 12.253340, 76.619835).

Route Map: Route map direction from Assembly point to Malleshwara Gudda foot hill, Maddur Kere (Vadavina Katte) and back