Nature walk at Hulimavu Gudda & Hadinaru Kere

Post date: Dec 4, 2013 5:24:28 AM

Fig: Red headed falcon by Mukund Ramanna

Weather: Clear sky & pleasant weather

Participants: 34 members

Habitat: Thorn-scrub & woodland, a village Tank rain/canal fed


1. Bird species observed -74 (48 in Hulimavu & 33 in Hadinaru)

2. Few interesting ones-

    • Roosting dispersal of GLOSSY IBIS Plegadis falcinellus & ROSY STARLING Sturnus roseus
    • Birders were welcomed by COMMON KESTREL Falco tinnunculus pair in misty morning
    • Nest building by JUNGLE PRINIA Prinia socialis
    • Leisurely foraging by RED-HEADED MERLIN Falco chicquera in grassland dotted with small trees.
    • Tank was full augmented by canal fed water and was supporting -BAR-HEADED GOOSE Anser anser (just 5 nos), EURASIN WIGEON Anas penelope, COTTON TEAL Nettapus coromandelianus, WHISKERED TERN Chlidonias hybridus

3. Mid-winter bird monitor program discussion for 12/1/2014: Birders voluntarily opted 12 routes for sector wise bird monitoring & documentation (entering data in’ eBird’, hard and soft copy).

    • Sadananda Sir & Shanmugam – Mysore City
    • Vijayalaxmi rao & team - Nanjanagudu
    • Somashekar & team – Mysore Outskirts -1
    • Sahana & team – Mandya
    • Dinesh & team – Piriyapttana
    • Kiran & team – HD Kote
    • Arun Simha & team - Kollegala
    • Radha & team – Yelandur -2
    • Lohith & Mukund – Maddur
    • Another 17 routes are free; others interested can opt a sector or join any of the team. Balance routes will be covered by 6 of us (Guru, Suresh, Tanuja, Sheshagiri, Anagha, Girija, ASP) to the possible extent. Left-out will be covered in next weeks to come after the Dday.

4. A preliminary monitoring demo will be held in BHOGADHI & HEBBAL or nearby tanks before 12/1/2014 probably on 29/12/2013 or 5/1/2014, if time permits.


When : 15.12.2013, Sunday

Where : Hulimavu Gudda & Hadinaru Kere, Nanjanagudu Taluk, Mysore District

Habitat: Thorn-scrub & woodland, a village Tank rain/canal fed

How long : 07.00 to 11.00 AM

Distance : 25 Km from Mysore Railway Station

Assembly point and time: 06.15 am at junction of Mysore – Nanjanagudu road that takes deviation to Chamundi hill south entrance (‘B’ in map). Just after entering Hadinaru village take right deviation and travel to Hulimavu Gudda. After spending two hours, come back in the same road and proceed to the tank located just after the village.

Note & Tips:

1. Nature Walk is free

2. Program is open to all, people of any age or experience level are welcome to take part

3. Make your vehicle arrangement

4. Field trip involves strolling / walking on rough terrain

5. Carry sufficient water and snacks for individual requirement

6. Preferred attire, dull and non-glossy

7. And, silence and sharing the knowledge (both ways) is the essence of nature walk.

For details: Shivaprakash Adavanne

+91-9480191661 / 0821-2461096 (7 PM to 9 PM )