Nature Walk at Dadadalli

Post date: Apr 12, 2014 6:05:38 AM

Fig: Mixed flock of Streaked Weaver Bird & Tri-colored Munia - Sahana M

Date : 27.04.2014, Sunday

Place : Dadadalli Kere (Enne hole) and surroundings , Mysore City Outskirts

Habitat: Lake, Non-Irrigated fields, fallow land

Duration : 4 Hours (07.00 to 10.00 AM)


  1. Bird species observed - 56
  2. Birders participated -25
  3. It is agreed to carry out summer bird data collection in the month of June towards ‘Mysore City Bird Atlas’ program. A team of minimum two (seasoned birder +a novice) is compulsory.
  4. Few interesting sightings:
  • Two distant and local migratory birds still present(27/4/2014)-BROWN SHRIKE, BLACK-WINGED STILT
  • STREAKED-WEAVER BIRDS (100+) moving on and off from Sugarcane fields to forage in harvested fields across the road
  • mixed flock with TRICOLOURED MUNIA (8 nos) and solitary NUTMEG MANNIKIN
  • ORIENTAL PIPITs carrying nesting material
  • Pair of SPOTTED OWLET roosting atop a brick kiln chimney top (about 50 m height).

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When : 27.04.2014, Sunday

Where : Surroundings of Dadadalli and surroundings

Habitat: Lake, Non-Irrigated fields, fallow land

How long : 4 Hours (07.00 to 11.00 AM)

Distance : 13 Km from Mysore

Charges/Fee : None

Instructions :

1. Program is open to all

2. Carry sufficient water and snacks for individual requirement

3. Please make your own vehicle arrangement to reach the location.

4. You can decide yourself to come with or without camera (Previous nature walk was without camera)

Assembly point : Follow the route in the attached google maps and be present at that junction by 07.00 am ( )