Nature walk at Hulimavu Gudda & Hadinaru Tank

Post date: Nov 10, 2015 4:08:31 PM

Date: 08/11/2015, Sunday

Habitat: Hulimavu Gudda & Hadinaru Tank; Thorn Scrub with plantations & Paddy fields surrounded irrigation tank

Duration: 7.00 to 11 AM

Highlight: 28 Adults + 7 children, observed 60 +35 bird species at Hulimavu gudda and Hadinaru tank respectively, 26 butterfly and few flowering plant species. Few interesting sightings -

  • Two were lucky enough to see Marshall's Iora (not included in eBird list)
  • Common Joker (Byblia ilithyia) butterfly was laying eggs on Tragia cannabina (in flower) and its caterpillar foraging the leaves; fruiting Phoenix farinifera
  • Butterflies–Southern Birdwing, Apefly, Banded Blue Pierrot, Slate Flash.
  • Birds –Eurasian Cuckoo (photographed by Kashyap), Cotton Pygmy-Goose, Red Avadavat; Common Coot (600), Whiskered Terns, .
  • S/s Suhel Quader, Madhusudhan MD & Pavitra Sankaran were our guest of honor.
  • Notice time was very short for Nature walk; planned just after completion of Mysore City Bird Atlas talk (07/11/2015 @ 20.30 hrs).