Nature Walk at Subbarayana / Subedar kere

Post date: Dec 20, 2012 2:56:31 PM

Date: 06.01.2013

Duration: 7.00 -11.00 hr

Weather: Hazy-warm morning, turned sunny as day prolonged.

Participants: 31 members


  • Rain fed tank, now filled by Varuna Canal (Devaraj Urs Nale) and farmlands.
  • Villagers were busy washing and cleaning their household items in tank water, preparing for Makara Sankranthi Festival.

Fig: Bird Trap in position

Fig: Clerodendrum phlomidis


  • Butterflies: 19 species
  • Birds: 76 species


  • Sighted copulating TWO-TAILED SPIDER Hersilia savignyi on tree trunk of Ficus recemosa (ATTI MARA). Camouflaged with flattened lichen-coloured body, blending perfectly with the surrounding bark surprised us all. Another Male in-wait escaping into crevice was interesting.
  • Good numbers of COMMON CASTORs Ariadne merione were active in CASTOR Ricinus communis field. SMALL SALMON ARAB Calotis amata, COMMON WANDERER Pareronia valeria & COMMON JEZBEL Delias eucharis were among 19 species of butterflies sighted.
  • BRAHMINY Haliastur indus & BLACK KITES Milvus migrans were busy in nesting activity. One BRAHMINY KITE took time off to drive away intruding SHORT-TOED SNAKE-EALGE Circaetus gallicus. While departing WHITE-EYE BUZZARD Butastur teesa gave a striking pose with a bold perch on a concrete electric pole.
  • NORTHERN SHOVELER Anas clypeata (800+) were moving between this fresh water-body and sewage infiltrated Dadadalli Tank situated downstream.
  • Flowering and attractive plants: A good patch of medium sized shrubs Clerodendrum phlomidis (TAGGI GIDA) and aquatic herb Ottelia alismoides (HASIRU NEERU PATRE)
  • Winter & Local Migrants observed:

1. BLACK DRONGO Dicrurus macrocercus


3. BLYTH’S REED-WARBLER Acrocephalus dumetorum

4. COMMON SWALLOW Hirundo rustica

5. ROSY STARLINGS Sturnus roseus

6. BROWN SHRIKE Lanius cristatus

7. BOOTED WARBLER Iduna caligata

8. SYKE’S WARBLER Iduna rama

9. INDIAN GREAT-REED WARBLER Acrocephalus stentoreus


11. MARSH HARRIER female Circus aeruginosus

12. COMMON GREENSHANK Tringa nebularia

13. YELLOW WAGTAIL Motacilla flava


When : 06.01.2013, Sunday

Where : Subbarayana / Subedar kere and surroundings, Mysore District

Habitat: Rain-fed /Canal fed Tank and Farmland

How long : 3 Hours (07.00 to 10.00 AM)

Distance : 7 Km from Ring road - HD Kote Road junction

Charges/Fee : None

Instructions :

1. Program is open to all

2. Please make your own vehicle arrangement

3. Carry sufficient water and snacks for individual requirement

4. Road is good upto Chaitravana, there on after left turn reasonably motorable.

Assembly point : Ring road - HD Kote Road junction at 06.30 AM

(just after Srirampura Gram Panchayat Office on HD Kote Road)

Contact : Shivaprakash A,

+91-9480191661 /0821-2461096 (7 PM to 9 PM )|